We had great bowling yesterday. I think everyone had a fun time, I know I did …

The bowling part seems secondary, we had good, fun, interactive meet yesterday, and people are busy chatting, that some of us need to be reminded to take our turns bowling. Too bad, of all the people who came, no one brought along a camera to “Capture the Kodak Moment”. So, those who were not there could only imagine the fun filled time we had.

Anyways, back to bowling, the top 5 players are (based on score average) :-

1 – Tang Yew Kit – kvpug (142.3)
2 – Dr. Azmi Mohd Tamil – palmx (127)
3 – Johannes E Tjoa – kvpug (110)
4 – Koay Cheng Leong – kvpug (105.3)
5 – Nazley – palmx (105)

Everyone seems to play their best in the second game.

First game, the warm-up, scores were … well… “substandard” …. :). Second game, almost every one played well after the initial “warmup”. Then, come the third game…. “hangus”…. everybody was either too tired to roll the bowling ball or too engrossed in chit-chat about PDAs that they cannot concentrate on the game anymore.

The palmx cheerleaders, Azrina and Hamid did their part … “buat kecoh” ( Jangan marah ye). Hamid Misnan, came all the way from Nilai (Manchester?) to cheer for the palmx team … And managed to do some shopping in between (his main mission to Sunway Pyramid, by the way) ūüėČ

Oh … Hamid also came with a second “mission” … imported cigars for Fahroe. After the game, Fahroe was so eager to go home end savour the smokey snack.

A wonderful afternoon that was and I’d like to thank all members, palmx and kvpug, for the support and making this bowling event a success. Let’s try make this event a regular one.

Read kvpug story on the event here (broken link)

Tapping off

Mohd Nazley Fadhley