Let see now … who were there … for the birthday party …

  1. Dr. Sukdershan
  2. Fahroe
  3. Azrina
  4. Abedib
  5. Maher
  6. Dr. Muiz
  7. Roslina
  8. Izham
  9. Azlina
  10. Ismail Omar
  11. Shamsul
  12. Haza
  13. Henry Tan … and
  14. Me, myself and I …Nazley

14 members in all … Well, I and Abedib were expecting at least 20 members to attend the Hi-Tea, but the 14 who came created enough “decibles” to create attention in the restaurant with all the shouts, laughter and waving around of our PDAs.

It’s great to see everyone there.. A pleasant surprise was that we had 3 additional members, who did not sign-up for the event, but managed to come … Azlina, Shamsul and Henry Tan.

Dr. Sukdershan was the first to arrive at the restaurant, at 12.00pm. I joined him at about 1.15pm and by 1.30pm, Fahroe, Azrina, Abedib and Maher were already at the buffet table. By 3.00pm all 14 people were busy emptying their plates.

I had a good time meeting and chatting with everyone. And the food was fantastic. A special personal thanks to Dr. Sukdershan who brought me some medcine, Celebrex and Cholchicine, for my gout (from what I ate, I really need them). The lamb is delicious, but I had to skip the butter prawns fearing I would be limping the next day … Dr. Muiz, on the other hand, gobbled up a plateful of the prawns… I just watched with envy.

Other than the good food, there were also French lessons from En. Ismail and Roslina. And book distribution by Abedib to launch his “reading campaign”.

In short, everyone had a great time, and for En. Ismail Omar, he now can put faces to the palmx mails he downloaded daily.

The next meet has already been planned out for October … Dr. Muiz invited us to his residence on Saturday, 5th 0ctober 2002 … a 2-in-1 event, Dr. Muiz’s wedding reception and an official BTM.

To close, I on behalf of the palmx moderators, would like to thank all who spared the few hours of their precious time for the Hi-Tea and made palmx 2nd “birthday bash” a fun and memorable event.

Photos … well, our official photographer, Dr. Azmi, was unavailable, so that leaves me with my HandEra and PalmPix to capture the “Kodak Moment”. Too bad, I had enough memory to snap 4 shots only … and bad ones as well.

Tapping off,
Mohd Nazley Fadhley