This “how to article” is an extension of the previous article, therefore it would help if you read that first before reading this article. There has been a lot of request for the GPRS setting for Tungsten W, so I wrote this article to fulfill such needs. There are minor differences between the setting for T|W and other PalmOS PDAs, therefore I believe that it would help to have everything laid out step by step in a separate article. Without further ado, here are the configuration settings;

Characteristics Example illustrations is based on Maxis GPRS setting
1a. Palm Connection Configuration:

  • Tap the pull-down menu on the top right-hand corner and select System (Pic).
  • Tap on the Prefs icon (Pic).
  • Tap on the drop-down menu on the top right hand corner and select ‘Connection’ (Pic).
  • Click on the ‘New’ button. Fill up the required field including naming your connection, (ie MaxisGPRS) and select “Connect to: GPRS”

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1b. Tap ‘Details’ and set APN to “net” for Maxis, “diginet” for Digi and “” for Celcom. QoS is set to “Network Default”, Header Compression and Data Compression are both set to “off”. Once done, click “OK”.

  • Tap ‘OK’ again to save

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2a. Palm dial-up connection configuration

  • Select ‘Network’ from the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner(Pic)
  • Tap the menu button in the lower left corner of the graffiti area and tap ‘New’.
  • Rename the service to something other than the default ‘Untitled’ ie Maxis.
  • Enter the User Name & Password.
    Digi Maxis Celcom
    Username digi maxis [leave blank] or type “g”
    Password digi wap [leave blank]
  • Select the connection that you have just created for your GPRS service at no. 1 ie “MaxisGPRS”.

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2b.Tap ‘Details’ and enter further settings required by your telco.

  • Connection type:PPP
  • Query DNS: unticked
  • DNS: refer to the table below
    DNS1 DNS2
  • IP Address:Automatic
  • Leave “Script” as it is.

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When done, click the OK button and you can try it out already.

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The above settings do work. Abedib uses it everyday. We did change the DNS settings a bit to accomodate the settings of other telcos. Go ahead and try it out!

Author: Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil

I am a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 1996, teaching in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. My main interests are gadgets and cycling. You can connect with me at Facebook.