It had 2 Parts actually…

Part 1 @ Gloria Jeans KLCC, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

 This is a small meet with Abedib, Maher, Shamsul and Maher at Gloria Jeans KLCC…. The main purpose to try out wireless access on Abedib’s spanking new iBook. And I myself, would like to try doing WiFi on  my HandEra.

 The result … Abedib had some connectivity issues on his new iBook. He was not able to get online at all. His machine is receiving the WiFi signal but no connection at all. Shamsul was able to establish connection on his Sony Viao but also had problem with the line disconnecting itself intermittently.

While both of them are troubleshooting the “connection problem”, I was happily tapping away on my HandEra and Pretec WLAN CF card combo … downloading emails, replying to a couple of mails then did some internet  surfing, trying out PalmOS browsers like AvantGo, Blazer, Pocket Link And Xiino. Of all the browsers, Xiino gave the most problems, making me reset my HandEra twice.

 I was still browsing the internet on my handheld when Abedib decided to wrap-up his WiFi testing  and off we went to KL sentral for Part 2.

Part 2 @ KL Sentral, 2:30 – 5:30pm

This is the official one …

 Who were there?

–         Abedib

–         Dr. Azmi

–         Nazley

–         MBA

–         Fahroe

–         Kamarul Azhan

–         Tim Kwan

–         Ismail Omar

–         Rahmat Wahab

–         Y. Hamdan

–         Mahizzan

–         And Mahizzan’s friend Jat (sorry for got your name)

It was another successful BTM with the initial topic starting from the wi-fi testing we had earlier in the day, to exchanging “proggies” between members. Rahmat Wahab got a personal tutor, (Dr. Azmi) to show hoe to use Pray Minder properly. And Kamarul was engaged most o f the tome with Tim Kwan. Tyring to solve his Maxis GRPS woes.

We had 2 additional guest from Jaring who joined in the discussion and from the look on their faces (as a matter of fact from everyone there) they were having a great time.

At about 4:45pm it was lucky draw time. Since the turn-out was not good, everybody except Rahmat Wahab (who had to leave early … SOS call from the wife) went home with a registration codes for Dictionary to Go, sponsored by

MBA graciously put up two Mesin niaga T-shirts for lucky draw and they went to Y.Hamdan and Kamarul…. Yang lain shoruu misss… J

After the “prize” presentation, the BTM ended for the day. But not for Dr.Azmi, Fahroe and myself. We headed for Flamingo Bowl after that for 2 games of bowling. It was fun but I honestly cannot recall the scores that evening. At the same time I got some tips from Dr. Azmi and Fahroe on HTML tags … thanks guys.

Photos to the event can be found here: BTM@KLSentralOct2002.asp (dead link)

Until the next BTM … Have a great day every one and “Selamat Berpuasa”.

Tapping off,

Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley