Had an interesting time at the meet. Got myself a Palmx.org T-shirt too, size L fits me nicely. 😉

I was the first one on the spot at about 2:20pm, saw some guys manning a “Registration” table at Starsbuck. But, they didn’t appear to be PalmX, no palm on belt pouch, or wearing some BT earpiece gadgets.

So, I decided to go get myself a Mocha Frappucino and scones (missed the 20% discount for Palmx users that Nazley mentioned later). As I was sitting down at a strategic table, I saw a couple of guys looking at me, I thought they could be some PalmX kakis, turned out to be they’re just waiting for an ERL train ride to KLIA station, though one of them (Soberi) was particularly interested in my Treo600, so I gave them a quick demo.

Almost exactly on time the moderators trio (pun not really intended;), walked in like MIB guys, complete with dark PalmX T-shirts and matching caps (Nazley, Azmi and Hasni, I believe). Soberi excused himself soon after, though we did mention to him about our www.palmx.org website/community (cc’ing this to Soberi).

I guess the trio can continue this narration of Feb BTM event from this point onwards. I just checked http://www.palmx.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=199 “PalmX BTM – February 2004” but no posting on BTM outcome yet (as well as the group photo).

Since this was my first BTM, I certainly didn’t manage to catch the names of all who attended (at least 15 odd guys/gals). Though, I certainly remember Azmi, since this is our first RL meeting, though I’ve known him in virtual world more than 10 years (from circa 1992). Apart from the moderators, Fahroe and Sam also strikes me as “Xpert, Xperienced, Xtreme” palm users, that I’ll surely try to learn from, in the future. Not forgetting Abedib, who nicely reminded us about the other “Real World”, and that the “new year eve” was just hours away, “Selamat Maal Hijrah”. 😉

Just a few points I picked up during the BTM …

(1) The Palm Keyboard with its IR connection works well with my Treo600. Though, after noticing that there are no dedicated numeric row, I was a bit put off with it.

(2) The Clie contacts/datebook has pix attached (just like Symbian’s contacts), but that didn’t come across to my Treo600 from Azmi’s Clie, so I missed getting young Azmi’s photo. I thought Treo600 has photo for contacts, but quick check found that Treo600 only supports photos for favourites contacts.

(3) Nazley showed how good the Zire71’s VGA cam is in low light such as Starbucks eating area. I’d say it gets 10 of 10, whereas my Treo600 only merits 5 of 10 in same situation.

(4) Saw some Zlauncher, Aquarium, FighterPlaneGame etc

(5) I did show some MP3 Quran murattal recitals by Sheikh Abd Rahman AsSudaisy, played on Aeroplayer. I reencoded them using WinLame at half the original size of 650MB for the whole Quran.

(6) Also got a “history” lesson on MYPUG, KVPUG and PALMX, after querying why PALMX not registered official society. 😐

(7) Sony Clie add on seems expensive, with Azmi BT MS addon costing about RM800.

As per LIFO queue, the trio/treo and me left/close the BTM at about 6.00pm.

Looking forward to next meet, and when the rumoured Treo 610 will come out, so I can join in HiRes and BT larks 😉



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