Recently I bought a brand new bluetooth (BT) phone (SET68i) and headset (HBH-35) as a gift to myself on my 36th birthday. The joy of using the BT headset with my new phone is tremendous indeed. It is marred only by the fact that my NX-80V/G is not BT-capable. Thus begin my odyssey of trying to acquire the necessary of hardware and configuring it for use on my PDA.

I wont touch on the odyssey of getting the hardware. The angst and pain that I went through is similar in its emotional turmoil of Homer’s Odyssey, with one major difference. Their journey is via boat on the open seas, while mine is over cyberspace plus multiple trips to Low Yat Plaza and Sunway Pyramid :-).

Getting The Necessary Software

The Bluetooth Memory Stick (BT MS) comes with OS4 drivers, instead of OS5 for NX80V/G. The NX series also do not have the necessary SMS & dialer applications. Therefore the following steps are necessary, though it seems rather unnecessarily complicated.

Please install the BT drivers separately from the rest or you may end up with a hard reset!

A. BT Pairing For SMS & Dialling

1. Pair your PDA with your phone (under BT panel at Prefs). Do this by clicking on the “Trusted Devices” button.

2. Set your phone to be “discoverable” and click on the “Add Device” button as illustrated on the left. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair them both.
3. Now click on the “Phone” panel and select the correct BT connection. Don’t test it yet!
4. Now go to the “Connection” panel and select the driver that you’ve chosen just now. Then click on the “Edit” button.
5. Now click on “Device” and pair it again with your phone. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6. Time to check it out!

7. Now you can dial your phone via BT direct from the address book. From within the SMS application, you can send SMS from the PDA via BT . Select the address that you want. Tap on the phone number that you want to dial and it will automatically dial via BT.

8. For those using Agendus Pro 7, you can finally dial your phone or send SMS via BT from Contact.

9. Here is the illustration showing how SMS is integrated with Agendus Pro 7.

10. You can install the dialler program from the T|E or T|3 CD for dialling directly from your PDA via BT.

B. BT Pairing for GPRS

1. The best way to get GPRS working on your PDA is to set it up using IR first, then change it to BT. For those interested in getting the necessary configuration or troubleshooting it, please visit thislink. This article here just show how to get connected via BT.

2. First go to the “Connection” panel and create a new connection i.e. Digi GPRS. Set it up accordingly for IR connection and click on “Details”.

3. Configure it accordingly as instructed by your telco.
4. Now go to the “Network” panel and create a new service as illustrated on the left. (For details of the configuration, please visit thislink.). We will be using the “Digi GPRS” connection that we created earlier. BTW my dial-up number is as stated there since Digi GPRS is the third profile on my phone. For more info about it, please visit the GPRS troubleshooting article at

5. Once done, click on “Details”.

6. Configure it accordingly as instructed by your telco. Once done, click “OK”.
7. Attempt to connect. If you failed after various attempts, please refer to the GPRS troubleshooting article. But if you succeed, you can disconnect and follow the next step.
8. Go back to the “Connection” panel and edit the “Digi GPRS” or whatever name that you gave to that connection. Change the “Infrared” to “Bluetooth” and click on “Device”. Pair it with your BT phone. This part shouldn’t take long since you’ve already paired it earlier.

9. Once done, attempt to connect again to GPRS, using BT instead of IR. Success is almost guranteed here.

I can send SMS, dial a number and surf using GPRS via BT. Smooth and fast! No alignment of phone/PDA necessary. Fantastic!

Love it!!!

Now to get that for myself……my precioussssssss

unfortunately it is RM820 in Kuala Lumpur and is only USD90 elsewhere……

Author: Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil

I am a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 1996, teaching in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. My main interests are gadgets and cycling. You can connect with me at Facebook.