Another great time we had at the March BTM. Starbucks KL Sentral became crowded with twenty “Gadget Freaks” this time, with the tables full of Tingsten Ts, Clies, 515s and other PDAs, Psions Netbook, Revo, Tablet PCs and the Alphasmart Dana…. instead of coffee 😉

I am glad to say that this meet is a congregation of HandEra users as well. Other than myself, there were Chet, Kayel Lai and Eric showing off our handsome handera 🙂

OK … roll…call. present this time were

  1. Marcus Yam
  2. Melvin Tong
  3. Kelvin Tong
  4. Zamini @ K1d_ice
  5. Mohd Farid Shah
  6. Mohan Menon
  7. Kayel Lai
  8. Chet
  9. allanphang
  10. Eric @ rice
  11. Fahroe
  12. Henry Tan @ crazy croc
  13. Sarifudin
  14. MHI
  15. Asri @ albaker
  16. Azlina
  17. Asrul Husni
  18. Kaizer
  19. Nazley @ bubba
  20. Dr. Jamal (Doc, sorry.. I just updated your name 9/8/03 9:00am. I know there were 20 people, I missed one … my apologies. Anyone else I missed?)

Abedib cannot make it to this BTM but Dr. Azmi’s absence was really felt by everyone. Farid and Allan Phang immediately asked for the “GPS” doctor as soon as they arrived …

Since there was no wi-fi, we had great conversation, and more beaming.

Chet brought her Alphasmart Dana to “showcase” it to all present today and it was a great conversation piece. Not many have heard or read obout this Palm OS device, The only one that I know of that has a built-in full size keyboard. I saw her hoppingfrom one corner to the other talking about the Dana.

Melvin and Farid flashed their shining new Compaq Tablet PCs. Both the same model, I think. I had a hands on experience playing with the tablet PC, a wonderful device.

Albaker “demo”ed his Psion Netbook. Demonstrating what this small wonder could do. He sat at one corner and has his own audience.

You know what…. we had a lucky draw after all. The lucky person walked away with a 3Com 24-port Super Stack Network Hub. Allan Phang smiled all the way home when his number was picked … “lucky 16”

By 5:00pm the crowd began to disperse and I left KL Sentral at 6:30pm … kaizer, Kid_ice, Kayel and Allan was still chatting.

A great one this BTM guys/girls … And I thank you all for the support. Some snapshots of the event is attached below. Enjoy.

Tapping off
Nazley a.k.a. bubba