The mini BTM started out as a wi-fi session … MHI, Dr. Azmi and myself … and supposedly to start at 5pm at San Francisco Coffee Ampang Point.

But at 2:00pm, all 3 of us were at KLCC. So we decided to start the WiFi session at Gloria Jean Coffee and moved the mini WiFi BTM from Ampang to KLCC. Called Hamid & Tn. Hj. Adib and they joined us at about 4:00pm.

Also present was al-Baker, a new member who contributed the article on the Psion Netbook and GPRS. A cool dude he is …. (macam master Yoda cakap). Al-Baker will be joining us this Saturday’s BTM.

I think this is the longest “unofficial” BTM ever, from 2pm-8pm.

Dr. Azmi, MHI & I stumbled upon Haxa when we were about to leave KLCC.

There u go. A short write-up of this afternoon’s meet.

Mohd Nazley Fadhley