This is the history of PalmX formation, from our beloved founder, Mohd. Adib Noh.

It all began when I bought my Palm III on 20th May,1998 from Techstop ,a pda shop at One Utama,KL. The owner, Husin Khan and his staff Leslie and Lawrence helped me a lot in using my newly acquired electronic organiser. At that time , most of my personal friends are not using palm pda.

As time went by, I managed to find my schoolmate Hasni to share my experience in using palm pda. Most of the time , I am the one who is asking all the questions. In my personal opinions, the sellers of pda’s are not doing enough to assist the new palm users like me.It was not easy then to get a friend who shared your interest.

Our first BTM was at Gloria Jeans at KLCC-I can’t remember the date. It was attended by four of us.The two that I remembered were Hasni and Gan. At that time I was trying very hard to get connected to Internet using my palm111. With the help of Hasni and Shamshul, it took me two weeks to fiddle around to get connected!

At that time I already started my alumni(SDARA) mailinglist using egroup prior to it being acquired by Yahoo! Then I thought why not I start a mailinglist for just a few of us to share our knowledge and experience.So I did it on 24th July, 2000 –the birthday of palmx. Initially, the mailinglist was open to people that I knew personally.I was scared to open to others for the reasons that I could not manage it for the purpose that I intended it to be. Soon,as time goes by, we are short of people that we know personally. Then only, we decided to open the membership to others. You can read the postings related to what we were doing and thinking at that time if you just scan the earlier postings.

To-date we have close to 200 members and we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary soon. On the first annual dinner, only four members turned upL. I hope the to see at least 50 members will in the coming annual dinner!

About a year ago, someone suggested that we should have a website of our own. Mr Chong from Penang was kind enough to buy the domain name. Somehow, the idea did not take off. As we come nearer to the second anniversary, I suggested to palmx moderators at a meeting at Bora Bora coffee house a few weeks ago that we should have our palmx website. Everyone agreed and Nazley managed to get the domain name and a few days later Dr Azmi and me met with our member Aimi,the head of Skali to get the server facility. At the moment, our member Dr Azmi is burning the mid night oil doing some programming to get our website online. In fact, it is already online but not ready yet to be officially launched. Members have been informed to give their views and comments. Those with the skills are requested to contribute. We plan to do a soft launch at KL Sentral on 13th July,2002. Everyone is welcome!

For the past twenty two months, we have had a few BTM’s ( a nickname given to our gathering) on ad hoc basis. The biggest one was at Lata Citra at KLCC garden. I hope this tradition will continue as we move along…

Last but not least, I wish to thank everyone for their participation and contribution to palmx egroup. Let’s continue the tradition of friendly discussion, helping one another and at the same time having fun together!

Mohd Adib Noh

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