Rules And Regulation
It is a forum for Malaysian users of palm digital assistants to share information/experience/tips and help one another. Non-Malaysians are also welcome.Membership is limited to approved applicants only or invited by moderator.This list is not moderated (New members are moderated for some time).Emails can be written either in English ,Bahasa Melayu or both.

There are three rules to comply:

1. You have to be nice and helpful to everyone.That is what we are all here for.

2. Initially,the list was moderated,but now it is not moderated anymore.(New members are moderated for a short period of time).All members are expected to do self moderation.In the event of gross misconduct(foul language etc),the moderator will ban the subscriber.Someone has to maintain peace and harmony even in cyberspace.

3. No advertisements/no spams.

4. Having an account in this website (forum, gallery, CMS) is a privilage, not a rights.
Any violation to the rules will resulted in account suspension (if any).

Palmx is *not* a society. 

Any trademarks or registered trademarks used in this website belongs to the respective owner of the trademarks or registered trademarks.

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