I had to get up extra early last Sunday the 29th …. It was Palmx annual BTM/Picnic at Lata Citra KLCC Park.

MHI picked me up at my home at 7:30am (my car broke down the day before), and we were at KLCC by 8:00am. Fifteen minutes later, Abedib arrived with a “kettle” of Teh Tarik.

Three hungry guys at the park, early in the morning …. we did not wait for the others to arrive, teh tarik is best when it is still warm. While sipping, teh tarik and munching on some “tumpi” and “tempeyek”, we talked about the new Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, still under construction between the Mandarin Oriental e and the ExxonMobil building.

Shamsul and Fahroe came with more food. And the “Sam’s chicken wings” cooked by Shamsul was fantastic. We had no problem finishing those up 🙂

Thank goodness, MBA and came without food, we were quite full by that time. I had a good time chatting with everybody that I forgot who came first, Azrina or MBA. But, I remember Azrina’s marble “nata d’coco” jelly came at the right time when my taste buds was craving for “sweet food”.

MHI had to leave early to attend a wedding invitation and missed the jumps made by international BASE jumpers from the Petronas Twin Towers (from sixty something floor, think)… a spectecular show. Fahroe gave a little introduction to the stunts, explaining BASE stands for Buildings, Antenna, Span and Earth, and these guys only jumps from these structures … something new I learned that morning.

A new face to this group, Nazlan, Fahroe’s friend arrived while I was munching more of Sam’s Chicken Wings. A Clié T615 user, and was proud to show “battle scare” on his PDA. But the group’s attention were back to te BASE jumpers soon after that.

Mus was the last to arrive, with iced tea and a dish called “couscous” (have to check the spelling) … tastes very Mediterranean …. tangy tomato with olive oil and a taste of basil … a taste sensation very difficult to describe.

It was fun for everyone that day, but there were no official photographers on that day to capature the “kodak moment” . If I’m not wrong, MHI only snapped a few photos. Perhaps he can upload the pix later. We’ll have a better meet next time.

Tapping Off
Mohd Nazley Fadhley