Count the mugs on the table ….

Six in all attended this mini BTM to assist Abedib to get connected to the internet (via HandEra330 and Handphone combo) when he’s away in Mekah for the next 44 days … He’ll come back as Haji Abedib.

Back to the photo, from the left is Hisham, Jiwa and Dr.Azmi. I am behind the camera and Abedib and Maher has already left when I took this photo.

We had the regular chat on Wi-Fi (San Francisco Coffee has Free WiFi connection from Airzed) and PDA wish list. Basically we were looking for a PalmOS5/6 PDA with the Clie T-series Form Factor, 320×480 resolution and built-in WiFi plus Bluetooth.

A short and fun meet …

Tapping off

Mohd Nazley Fadhley