(Re-told by Work Pad c505 from a PalmIIIc)

Refering to the note I was bought on 3rd January 2001 at D’Challenger, KLCC. At first my owner was interested with my younger brother Palm Vx, but because it was out of stock I have to follow him home instead.

I had many applications and going through fun and hard times with him. Here I’ll tell my daily routine with my owner which will known only as YM.

6:30am: My life begin in early morning when YM entered data in BloodPressMgr. Every three months I will brought to Tangling to show the data to PP.

6:45am: YM and his 3 childrens ride the car to school and office.

7:15am: While YM have his breakfast, I will be put in the cradle for Hot Sync. Here all my data will be updated with the PC. It includes AvantGo, Handstory, ActionNames, Mail, etc. If my batteries are low it also will recharged at the same time

9am – 12pm: I follows YM’s daily office routine. Usually he’ll enter various tasks that he receive through e-mails into ActionNames (AN). He’ll go through it for a while and enter things he had to do in ToDoList. When he went to meeting for sure I will go too. Many I times I noticed that YM doesn’t really give attention to some meetings, he’ll read and reply e-mails or or draw some sketches or write some notes on me. Despite that he’s till a serious and dedicated officer. Many meeting minutes, important notes, even technical manuals he keep in me. Usually he uses DocumentsToGo. Sometimes he’ll attend meetings without any piece of paper and just bring me along. Now his laptop just stay at home which is his second office.

6:00-6:30pm: While waiting for his childrens to finish school, YM will turn me on to read news or article in AvantGo which was downloaded in the morning at his office.

8:00-10:00pm: Usually at night like this YM will turn me on once again. He used Ultrasoft Money or Quick Budget for his budgeting. YM is not that rich, but almost everyday he’ll enter the data in the application. MOst of it is outgoing transaction including those he spent on me.

If he had the time YM will also read translations of the Quran, or City Time or sometimes the dictionary. At once he read the Yaasin with me. Other Jemaah thought that he’s maybe memorizing the Yaasin, but syyyyyy… sometimes he’ll have a peek at the transilteration 🙂

Before travelling he’ll enter the co-ordinate of his destination in Prayminder to make him easier to perform the solah. To date I’ve been brought abroad just twice, once to the USA and once again to Manila.

If he went back to his parent’s home dan and meet his relatives and his nieces and nephews YM will ask their roots and enter the data into My Roots. So, his nieces and nephews will be happy their datas and roots entered in their Ayah Long’s computer.

YM prefers to take the commuter if he can and uses Metro to navigate hs way through the city. One more thing, YM doesn’t like playing computer game but once again Syyyyyy…. he even installed Palmasutra. Ha..Ha…Ha… That’s what was told by my brother Palm IIIc which have been auctioned at lelong.com.my. If he lied, I lied. So I apologize in advance!

Narrator: WorkPad c505 (I’m not yet certain with my future. IBM had stopped production and YM had been eyeing a the Clie ….)

Muhammad Firdaus bin Ariff